Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A New Reader

I have done it! I have hit a blogging milestone! I think I have 5 readers now! This newest reader is someone just a little special to me. It's my Daddy (pause with me for a minute to sigh and collectively say, "awww!").

"So what?", you say?! "Why is this a monumental moment?"

Because unlike some fathers who have their laptops with them at all times, my father rarely turns on his computer, that sits waiting patiently in his office. He is on the road much of the day and would rather be talking to people face to face than dealing with them electronically. I will give him credit where credit is due however. He has a cell phone and is not afraid to use it!

So anyway, along with this computer that gets no love whatsoever, my father actually has a company e-mail address and apparently has had it for quite a while. Not that his daughter knew about that, however (ahem!)...

After I found out about his e-mail address I simply had to see if this was true or an urban legend. My father has a working e-mail address? That can't be right.

So I e-mailed my dad just a "test" e-mail and true to daddy form, he called me back in reply (I told you he has tight cell phone skills). Apparently in my test e-mail (in which I had not even written any text) was the standard signature I have on every e-mail complete with my blog address. My dad took a leap into the unknown and clicked on said address. And actually stayed for a while to read it. Voila! I have a new reader!

So welcome Daddy! I hope you stick around.


Luke said...

Congratulations! It's always nice to know someone else--especially someone who loves you--is reading your blog. Very fun.


Remy said...
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Remy said...
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Remy said...

OK, the third time is the charm ... I hope! I enjoy your blog. I'm a former home schooler who likes to check back into that wonderful world now and then. Hope your Dad realizes what a great thing you and your hubby are doing for his grandkids. God Bless!