Sunday, February 22, 2009

In Desperate Need of Simplification

Our lives this past year have taken an amazing turn. We went from a family of 5 to a family of 7 in eleven months and completely complicated our family tree in a wonderful way; hopefully permanently.

Since becoming foster parents and adding two more to our crew I have felt seriously discombobulated. Bills have been left in piles to sort through and have gotten paid late. Things that I know I already own have been duplicated due to my slack in organization. Plans that I have had for implementing order in my home have been put on the back burner. I knew how to do all this when I only had three children (albeit never perfectly), I am apparently clueless with five.

So I have decided the only way to get back to some semblance of order is to start purging. Stuff, files, "friends" on Facebook and in my address book who are not really my friends nor have anything edifying to add to my life, and all those things I thought I may "need" in the future. I figure I need to clear out my brain as well as my house. Both seem a bit cluttered.

It has been a long time coming and I am excited to do it. If I can find my calendar I just might be able to pencil in a start date. Pray for my sanity!


Jamie said...

Yeah most of us add only one child at a've really taken on a challenge, but you are doing wonderful!!! Hope you get organized, both in home and brain;)

Mrs. Sam said...

Praying for you! Hope I'm safe from the FB purge, but I understand the purpose. Your a strong woman of God and I think your doing a good thing! Hang in. Purge strong! No mercy...only in this case :)