Thursday, January 22, 2009

36 Years Later...

No, it has not been 36 years since I have updated my blog (almost); although I cannot believe I have not logged on in three weeks.

It has been 36 years since the Roe vs. Wade court case in the United States, which legalized abortion. I need not say much more as Americans are passionate about this landmark ruling, one way or the other and know all the ins and outs of the debate.

I am passionately against it. Every year while I lived in the D.C. area I would head down in the bitter January cold for The March For Life. This is not something I try and push in people's faces, but I abhor abortion. In any case. Simply because it kills a life.

It hits a little closer to home this year as I think about my children. I would have never aborted my biological children of course, but what if the biological mothers of my foster sons had chosen this route? Little precious Iggy would have died and never had known just how much he was wanted, loved and adored. Eazy (3 1/2 year old foster son) would have never been able to take such joy out of the simple things he sees from his big, brown, doe-like eyes.

These two boys were once tiny specks in their mothers' wombs. Their hearts started to beat at 21 days. Probably long before their mothers knew they even existed. They were perfectly and wonderfully made by their Creator from the start. And their lives could have been snuffed out by a simple request. We would have never gotten the honor to serve these boys and love them as long as they may have needed us.

Today I think about how thankful I am that while their mothers may not be the best for them right now, and could have easily legally killed these sweet boys, they chose to give them life. And for that I am eternally grateful.


Susie said...

Amen!!!! And WELCOME BACK! I missed you, my friend! :o)

Check out this take on it, too:

Praise God that He's in charge, huh?

Mrs. Sam said...

and Amen! Isn't it something to think that in my country (not sure about yours so I don't want to assume) my kids were never protected from me? I could have killed them via abortion and it would have been legal. But once they have 2 feet on the ground so to speak, it's illegal. But they were never protected. I hate that.