Monday, December 18, 2006

The Best Christmas Present Ever...

Today after a long morning of running errands, K.Z. and Xena and I were relaxing while C'sa napped. Xena commented about the cross I was wearing and decidedly told me that it was not like the "real cross". Taking her up on this, I wanted to hear her take on the "real cross".

She stretched out her arms while putting one foot on top of the other and said, "the real cross was shaped liked this and it was BIG! This is how Jesus was on the real cross and they put nails in His hands and his feet!". I asked her if she thought it hurt Jesus and with wide eyes she replied that it did. At this, K.Z. got interested in the conversation so I dug a little deeper and asked why He would do that if it hurt so badly.

"So we would not die!” Xena shouted excitedly, "and we could go to heaven forever!”

After a little more discussion K.Z. thoughtfully interjected, "I cannot go to heaven because I have sin in my life." On that, I pounced.

I grabbed a small piece of tissue paper that was on the floor (after all, who has time to vacuum when there are souls to win for the kingdom?) and said, "Imagine this is sin". Then I crumpled it and tossed it away from me. "That is what God can do with your sin and why Christ died on the cross. The sin is gone. Forgiven."

Xena excitedly replied, "Yeah, He can crush it!"

After a long discussion I told both of them exactly what they needed to do to live with the Savior for eternity. I also followed it up as I always do with, "when you are ready and if you would like help with what to pray, just ask Dad or me." Usually this is followed with the obligatory, "Okay", and life carries on. Not today.

In a small voice K.Z. asked if we could pray right now. Then Xena asked if she could as well. I talked a little more to them about the commitment they were about to make and how important it was to know it, really know it, in the bottom of your heart that it was the Truth and the only way to heaven. They both acknowledged they believed that.

Already an emotional wreck trying to hold it together (the thought of my children joining Mr. Clean and I in eternity always makes me a little weepy), Zach asked if we could get my prayer shawl and pray under it's cover. That pretty much sent me over the edge (but I held it together). I have a prayer shawl that I like to use simply for focus. I believe you can pray anytime and anywhere, but when I need to be completely focused and not in my everyday world, I escape to the shawl and pray under it, blocking out everything else. When the children discovered me doing this one day they were quite curious about it. I simply explained that I use it when I have something really important to pray about and I need to concentrate completely. Now my son wanted to use it for the same reason.

The three of us gathered together under it and I led them both in prayer. Two of my beautiful blessings prayed for forgiveness of sin and that Christ would be their personal Savior and govern over their lives, hearts and minds. They acknowledged that the only way to salvation was through Him and that He sacrificed His life for theirs. My heart was so full it could have exploded. My tear ducts certainly did!

Afterward the glow on their faces said it all. K.Z. was euphoric in a way that I have never seen before. You could not wipe the smile away. I told them that this was an important day and they should tell someone! First on the list was "Daddy" and then they wanted to call good friends and godly mentors of ours from church, a couple we adore. A gentleman who serves as a church Elder and his wife, a definite "Titus 2" kind of woman! The kids have "adopted" them as kind of surrogate grandparents (they led a small group we were in and the kids have grown very fond of them). I have never seen my son more proud. Normally he can be shy on the phone but today he told our friends exactly what he did.

To top it all off, at bedtime K.Z. asked if he could pray (we have corporate prayer every night as a family and we alternate who says bedtime prayers). He once again prayed the prayer I had helped him with earlier, except this time it was all on his own and in his own words.

My Christmas is complete, I could not have asked for a better gift than the eternal salvation of two of my three children. The greatest part? They are anxious to share there new lives with C'sa and want her to "become a Christian" (in their words) too!

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Anonymous said...

Please tell the kids I am so proud of them. I don't know how you did it, because I cried just reading it. I am so proud of it, Just wish I could get mine as interested, but Since mine have only been going part time, I am sure within time they will convert as well. I love and miss you guys very much. Sheri